Advan Tech Answering Service is Southern Vermont's
Most Complete Service.

Advan Tech Provides Each Client Quality and Professional Answering Services
Offering Alpha Dispatching w/Message Retrieval, Alarm Monitoring (Digital & Tape)
Elderly Check-ins, Wake-up Calls for Hotels/Motels, Brochure Taking, Order Taking
Offering Local Call Forwarding For The Rutland Area Exchanges, & Nationwide
800 Service. Numerous Faxing Services & "THE FAX DEPOT"
We Also Provide Various Paging Services, As Well As Pagers & Paging Accessories

** Internet E-Mail Dispatching **

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Who is Advan Tech?

Advan Tech Answering Service
48 Woodstock Ave.
Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: (802) 775-9240
Fax: (802) 775-9245

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